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    Easter egg dying!

    (and I apologize for the wonky sizing and for the dreaded grey boxes (for those of you seeing this on your dashboard). Tumblr isn’t working properly for me lately… it is driving me nuts!)

    I actually got out my camera and took some pictures the other day! We are trying to soak up any bit of warmth and sunshine that comes our way (even it is annoyingly windy and most days we are still wearing jackets and hats). I made a little scavenger hunt for Lyla to do while we wandered around the in the yard. We collected leaves and rocks and other dull things left from the winter. I can’t wait till we have some color in our yard again. Soon….

    P.S. That giant smile in the third photo was from when her daddy pulled in the driveway after work. : )

  3. On Tuesday we took Lyla to see Sesame Street Live. It was the warmest day we’ve had in a while, so we took the opportunity to snap a couple photos outside before we left for the show.

    It was a great show and Lyla keeps asking to go back and see it again, so I guess she enjoyed herself. On our drive home she asked Andrew and I each what our favorite part was and then shared her favorite part (the streamers that came down from the ceiling at the end). I am really loving this age where we can actually chat as a family and share things about our day.

  4. What are those bright rays of light shining in the windows??? Oh yeah…SUN. It’s been awhile.


    Who the heck even is this??? Excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out.