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    23 weeks

    We are trying to soak in the last bits of summer, hitting up the playgrounds and taking walks. Lyla starts her preschool program next week (3-4 days a week for 2 hours, baby steps!) and I’m excited but also kind of sad that our days will be so planned from here on out.
    Baby boy is kicking and moving a lot. It is kind of pathetic how much harder pregnancy has been on my body this time around, three and a half years later (I turn 31 this weekend!). I wake up at night with aching hips and a sore back, and I’ve been falling asleep on the couch by 9 p.m. way more than I wish to admit. I guess it could also be because I carry around a 30 lb. toddler a lot of the day now….

  2. Despite Lyla’s prediction (and insistence) that the baby in my belly was a girl, looks like she is pretty excited to know there is actually a baby brother on the way! So are we. : )


  3. 20 weeks

    20 weeks

    Aaaand we’re halfway there! Time is dragging yet flying by and it makes no sense. Today we found out the baby’s gender, but I’m keeping that secret to just family for a couple days (or until I can find a cool photo idea for a gender announcement, haha). Lyla is constantly touching and kissing my belly and it is the sweetest thing. At least once a day she’ll exclaim “How did your belly get so big, mama?!” We’ve been feeling for kicks—Andrew got a good solid one and Lyla claims she felt one too. She is gonna lose her mind when those big, poking kicks come in a few weeks.

    *I had Andrew take these photos of me for a sponsored post on the Miskabelle blog (it goes up tomorrow and there’s more pictures there! www.miskabelle.com)—which is why I’m dressed so fancy, and seeing as it was late in the evening, Lyla was already in pajamas! Quite the odd couple. But her cute-excited face was too good not to share.


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    Lyla Georgette - 3 years, 8 months

    It has been a while since I got out the camera to take photos of Lyla just for fun. But yesterday felt like a good time—we were both in good moods and the weather was nice.

    Even with the new baby not set to arrive until January, it already feels like Lyla is very aware of the impending change at our house. She has been extra clingy to me—having me carry her everywhere, only wanting ME to rock her at bed time, only wanting ME to get her in and out of her car seat, etc. I don’t mention the baby much, if at all, to her, but she constantly makes comments about “her baby” or “our baby” and being a big sister. When pulling her out of the bath tub one night I jokingly said “Lyla, stop getting so big!” and she responded “But I have to grow big so I can be a big sister!” When shopping at a clothing store she points out baby clothes and says we should get some for our baby. Little things like that, stop me in my tracks. She is just so very aware. And as for me, since I no longer have sickness as a reminder, sometimes I forget I’m even pregnant!

    I look at these pictures and suddenly see just how much Lyla has grown up this summer. Those long legs kill me! And those growing blonde curls… Part of me is sad, but I also really love this age. I am not super excited about living through the newborn stage again (please God, give me a non-colicky baby this time around!!), but I do daydream about having two toddlers at our house. Next week we find out if we will be adding a boy or another girl to our crew!


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    Some photos from our annual trip to Vermont.

    1 / 2 / 3: Shelburne Farm (not pictured: the giant thunderstorm that hit just before we were leaving!)

    4: Making chocolate at Lake Champlain Chocolates.

    5&6 / 7: Beautiful Lake Champlain (we had chilly, rainy weather but tried to make the most of the bits of sunshine we got!).

    8: Lyla passed out in the car…she had a busy week playing with her grandma, aunts and uncle! Andrew and I were only an afterthought for her most of the time. ; )